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Through the Clouds

Today was one of those days where I felt beat down and not ok.

Today was one of those days where crying was the inevitable

Today was one of those days when the dark cloud were hanging over my head

Something I have found over the years of working with couples is the inability of men (in general) to ask for help. We feel our partner won’t understand, won’t be able to help, or will look down on us for our feelings.

Something I did today asked and expressed. It felt terrific + liberating.

But the more important thing was it allowed my wife to show up when I needed her. She wasn’t able to 100% solve my issue, but she tried to stand in it, empathize and support me.

One of the biggest things we crave as humans are to be seen and understood.

Feeling trapped in darkness is lonely, but if we are willing to let someone in, even if it’s for a short time, it can part the clouds and give us hope and light.

But the post is also about us as men; we can’t always fix, we can’t always solve, but we can always show up and be there.

Never forget the power of standing with your partner, shoulder to shoulder, in the battle of life.

Support, being seen, and being understood, are the keys to a deep and healthy relationship

We don't always know what to do for our partners, unsure the best way to help.

We can ask, learn and grow to help our partner the best way for them.

Sometimes the only thing we can do is be there and show up.



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