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Fear is Around Us

There are times when I work with clients, there is this undertone of fear that can become pervasive to growth.

(I know I love with fear some days, fear to perform, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of not being the best parent)

Fear is something that can drive our lives in directions that we never expected

Fear is something that can hold us back from opportunities

Fear can stop us from love, closeness, adventure, and life‘s journeys.

Fear is not something we need to hide from; it is something we need to learn to move through with comfort.

Whether you want to admit it or not, fear is inevitable because things are scary.

Humans cannot hide from the world around us. We need to learn to live in it.

Over the last couple of years, it has been something that has been a driving force for most of us daily. It’s causing our nervous system to be on edge, trigger-happy, and ready to rock ‘n’ roll, but that’s no way to live.

A life filled with fear is a life riddled with pain. A life filled with fear is a life that is controlled. A life filled with fear is a life missing out.

So going into the new year, we need to take life, hold it, understand it, look into its deep and dark eyes, and say:

“You don’t control me.”

“I see you, and I’m more than you.”

“There are days you’ll win, but I always have the upper hand”

Good luck because YOU CAN!



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