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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Work Therapist (LCSW) based in New York and Nevada. I have worked in multiple settings including a psychiatric hospital and outpatient clinic, and I currently work in private practice.


I studied to become a therapist at Fordham University School of Social Work where I received my LMSW (Licensed Master in Social Work). Prior to my social work education, I spent seven years working for a teen youth organization based on the east and west coast. Both my experience with teens as well as my broad social work education have fueled my passion for understanding the human experience throughout every stage of life.


As an LCSW I have honed my skills of CBT, mindfulness, positive psychology, and other therapy techniques in order to reach an excellent grasp of the inner workings of the human mind. I believe that a modern and approachable outlook on mental health is the pathway to self-awareness and inner peace for many who are struggling in both big and small ways in their everyday life.


My passion and life goal is to help each and every one of my clients feel happy, confident, fulfilled, and powerful, and I welcome the opportunity to help you get there.

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As a therapist, I believe that therapy can be for everyone. It may be difficult to take that first step, but I am here to make that decision easier for you.


I work with individuals and couples 18+, specializing in, but not limited to: anxiety disorders, parenting issues, trauma, relationships/couples issues, adult ADHD, and pre/postpartum, issues. I am trained in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Trauma-Focused Therapy, which takes a deeper look into the root causes of struggles to help heal from within. I provide my clients with a safe space and open, honest conversations to transform struggles and teach practical tools my clients can use to cope and navigate throughout their lives.  If you choose to work with me, I ask you to bring your all and trust the process of therapy as we journey through it together. 


I take a personal approach with my clients and incorporate parts of various styles of therapy techniques and modalities, bringing a unique perspective to the process. My goal is to develop a strong relationship that is based on openness, trust, and respect. 


Over the years I have worked with many communities and in different settings which have given me the expertise to develop my skills and bring empathy, care, and knowledge to the mental health or personal struggle you are going through at this time.


45-60 minute sessions where we’ll work one on one to build a deep and meaningful relationship to help you on your  mental health journey, to better understand and build a skill set to work through your specific concerns that are bringing you to therapy.

60-minute sessions where we work to bring a safe, comfortable and hardworking space to build better communication skills, perspective-understanding, and empathy to help you, as a couple, work through any concerns and learn skills that you will apply to your relationship outside of therapy as well.

Coaching is about getting stuff done! 45-60 minute sessions for those who aren’t looking for traditional therapy, but are looking for assistance with developing skills to work through self-esteem issues, organization challenges, life change adaptation, and dating/relationship success. This will help to  change unhealthy patterns of behavior and moving into action. 

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