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ELIvation is the name of my speaking platform.

ELIvation seeks to provide meaningful speaking engagements and curricula aimed at relationships, mental health, confidence, motivation, and more.

Over the years I have spoken to non-profit organizations, high schools, youth organizations, and mental health companies. 

If you're interested in having me speak at your next seminar, summit or event, don't be afraid or hesitate to reach out and discuss how I can tailor a speech/presentation for your needs that aren't mentioned below.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

(I am based in NV but always willing to travel)

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Mental Health

  • Destigmatizing mental health issues and introducing concepts in a digestible way allows the group to learn about some of the myths and misconceptions about mental health.​

  • During this seminar, my goal is to bring light to the truth about mental health and help people to be seen, heard, and understood.



  • We all know parenting is hard but is there a way to make it more fun and enjoyable?

  • As a licensed therapist and dad, during this seminar, I give practical tools and tips for parenting smarter and better.

  • We’ll tackle the rough questions, and behavior issues and hopefully shed some humor and have some  real conversations  about the life of parenting


& Self Esteem

  • A powerful seminar using conversational techniques, games, and tailor-made lessons, to help tap into confidence, self-esteem, and charisma for life! 

  • The goal of this seminar is to teach the power of YOU, building self-confidence to help guide changes in day-to-day life and reach one’s full potential.



  • Are you afraid of public speaking? Welcome to the club! For years public speaking has been reported as one of the greatest fears among people. Getting up in front of a group of people, and saying what you truly feel, and want to get across, can be very scary. At ELIvation, you will gain the tools and skills to conquer this fear in any setting—college/family reunions, business meetings, job interviews, etc. You will be guided through any upcoming speeches, to help you feel prepped and ready to roll!

  • You will have access to tools and activities to get you out of your comfort zone and out of your head so that you can be more confident in who you are and what you have to offer.

  • By the end of our sessions, you will have confidence, charisma, and the pizzazz of a well-trained, world-renowned speaker.

Relationships 2.png

& Dating

  • Have you ever felt like you just needed someone to help you along with the wonderful, yet challenging, dance of dating and relationships? Have you ever thought that you didn't understand your partner or that he/she didn't understand you? 

  • This seminar on dating and relationships provides tools for navigating the world of love.

  • Training and practical tools for developing emotional intelligence, social skills, and communication skills.

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